Thursday thoughts

Isolated… Separated….Socially distanced. Strange times indeed. This new normal has me questioning, wondering, and contemplating lots of different things. Most of it of little use and with very few definitive answers.  Thinking back only a week or two or three ago, my freedoms were not limited, food and such were in abundance, and I had … More Thursday thoughts

Mild Monday

I have sprung ahead, just like they told me. I rested less and now have to do the same work. How does that work? Well I will have more daylight after 5pm now they said. The sun will seem to set later but we will all know. We will get used to it I suppose, … More Mild Monday

Beauty in winter

I tend to hibernate in winter, going out only when necessary. I was encouraged one day recently to take my camera and get out there. It’ll do you good they said. You won’t regret it they said. So i went, reluctantly, to the closet and bundled up against the cold I knew was out there … More Beauty in winter