Monday Musings

Such an odd day today, chilly, but warmer than recent days. I got home later than usual the night before but to a sadly familiar sight. I saw the flashing lights even before I turned into the drive. The rescue squad was there to take another one to the hospital. I wonder who this time. … More Monday Musings

5:25 a.m.

Originally posted on Are You Thrilled:
A crimson streak has split the sky ten minutes before coffee having woke in the darkness at 3:30 What do I owe You for this spectacle in the middle of fractured thoughts letting the clouds break for just this now Hanging full and heavy these clouds like full breasts,…


Originally posted on Are You Thrilled:
it is seven a.m. and the house is gray the rooms are gray and the ceiling is gray, and when I look outside the sky is gray it does not look bright or gay–today in my head it is dark like my coffee but I am tranquil

Dead of Winter

I can see the snow gathering on my sleeve as I brush off the car for what seems the twentieth time. It covers everything around us,¬† and no one escapes it. I am used to it now, the biting cold of the air and the melancholy grey of the sky. The streets, icy and wet, … More Dead of Winter

Does it Art?

Having entered into the realm of artistry¬† with creative photography, the above question drifts into my mind more and more. No one seems to have a distinct definition of fine art photography. It’s bounds seem to be as endless as its critics. I will try, carefully and humbly to present a few of what I … More Does it Art?

Solace and solitude

  I don’t often seek out solitude, but I have come to realize that it is necessary in the world we find ourselves. Life can get very busy and complicated and dizzying and stressful. Sound familiar anyone? A planned retreat away from the busyness if our lives is not always possible but I have taken … More Solace and solitude

Connect 4

Remember that game? I do, but this isn’t about that.¬† Connections to me is about their weight in our lives, the impact they have, their sticking with you. My photography sticks with me, empowers me, and balances me. The images I gather also are a record of those impacts and feeling attained during those times … More Connect 4